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Get your business discovered by potential customers with the help of our expertise in Online Advertising with Google and Social Media Advertising platforms to maximise your sales.

Attract New CustomersSee the steps involved

Though it is extremely rewarding, Online Advertising can be a very Complex task for Small Businesses.

Expand your resources, save time and diversify your client base by hiring an experienced online advertising agent you can afford!

Getting new customers through Word-of-mouth is really great.

Now imagine how your business would grow when those satisfied customers’ recommendations, referrals and reviews are spread to wider audience, who are desperately looking for the product/ service providers like yourself.

Online Advertising & Small Businesses
a chicken and egg problem.





All these obstacles become irrelevant, when you let us handle your advertising. We will put a comprehensive strategy in place in a cost-effective way that appeals to your businesses.

Let us take care of the Complexity while you focus on serving your customers

Step 1.

Let people find you when they Search.

Commonly referred as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We put our best effort to make sure that your business website (or Landing Page) is fully optimised for search engines, like Google and Bing.

Step 2.

Identify your target Market.

Consumers that your business plans to reach with marketing activities.

Step 3.

Identify your target Audience.

Select within the target market, a segment that will be served advertisements.

Step 4.

Pay-per-click: Targeted Advertisements.

We will use Google Ads and choose one additional advertising networks from any of the social networks (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, . . . etc.) which we think will bring best results specific to your business.

Step 5.


Finally, the most important step. We fine tune, your campaign by making adjustments. These would include audience filtration, keywords used, the message (text), media files (image/ video), cost of advertising, website content, and even if we have to, the choice of advertising network.

Pay-as-you-go pricing.
SGD $160 (Management Fee) + 10% Ad. Spend.

Example ( Scenario).

Run an Ad. campaign for ONE month.

Campaign Management Fee is fixed at SGD $160 per month.  To achieve a good ROI, it is best to run the campaign for few months.

Get your fledgling brand into the wider world.

Affordable Online Advertising Solutions for Small Businesses !

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